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Discover How Credit Repair Will Empower Your Financial Future: If the Bureaus Don’t Comply, You Could Secure Monetary Rewards

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Elite Credit Repair 
Pre-Litigation Credit Repair
Maui, Hawaii
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About Us

Transform the trajectory of your credit

Transform your credit trajectory with our comprehensive restoration service. Harness the power of unlimited dispute submissions to credit bureaus and creditors, bolstered by our strategic use of consumer laws. Going beyond conventional methods, we initiate legal action against creditors when necessary, ensuring a proactive and effective approach. Count on our expertise to navigate credit intricacies, advocating for your financial well-being with a potent blend of persistence and legal precision. Experience a service that leverages consumer laws for impactful results, securing a brighter financial future for our clients.

Credit Services in USA

The Credit Repair Process

Once you have uploaded all the required documents, license, passport, state ID, bank statement, utility bill and I will be going through the negative items on your report one by one and challenging any incorrect information, collections, late payments, and any negative public records on your behalf. You will get an email notification once I have completed this work and have sent it off to all the credit bureaus.

What Our Customers Say

At Everything Credit, we value our customers' feedback. Read below to hear reviews straight from the source. Let our sparkling feedback speak for itself.

Edward F

Dave at Everything Credit helped fix my credit after I was scammed. I was treated with dignity and respect from the start which is very refreshing. 

Sandy Williams

I was struggling with credit card debt for years, but Everything Credit helped me consolidate and manage my payments. They made the process easy and stress-free.

Quinn Davis

I thought my credit score was beyond repair, but Everything Credit proved me wrong. They provided me with personalized advice and guidance, and now my credit is back on track.
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